Come to the track well rested, well fed, well hydrated, and ready for a fun-filled day! Getting everything ready the night before is NOT a good idea.

Show up sober. The use of drugs, alcoholic drinks or anything which might influence your driving skills in a negative way during the track day is totally out of the question and forbidden!


There is a very good saying that pretty much covers this whole section: "Dress for the crash, not for the ride." This is not meant to frighten  you, but you should ask yourself what would you want to be wearing IF you were to crash. This pretty much goes for every time you get on to the track.


  • SECURITY BRIEFING - attending the security briefing is compulsory to everyone entering the track as a driver; the security briefings are organised before the track opens. After having attended the security briefing, a wristband for drivers will be handed over to you. In case someone does not attend the security briefing, he/she will not receive the drivers’ wristband and so will not be granted access to the track by the officials.
  • STICKERS - Curbstone provides you with a sticker, which grants you access to the track during the event. You receive your car number in two copies that have to be put on your doors under the mirrors. Stickers are also provided to cover (your decision) the number plates in case you do not want your number plate (and thus your ID) to show up in the pictures and in the footage
  • TOWING EYE - every car entering the track should have at least one towing eye mounted on the car
  • MIRRORS - your car should have two mirrors, one on each side of the car and in perfect condition.
  • SEAT BELTS - driver and/or passenger should ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE put their seat belts on
  • HELMET - An UNDAMAGED helmet which fits  well, for BOTH DRIVER AND PASSENGER
  • SLEEVES - wear a shirt or jacket with long sleeves. In case of a crash, exploding airbags might leave skin wounds on uncovered arms and legs.
  • TROUSERS  -  short trousers  are not allowed
  • SHOES - driver and passenger should wear comfortable, closed shoes. Slippers are not allowed. For drivers, shoes with strong profiled soles are definitely not a good idea since they might cause failure handling of rapidly switching throttle and brake pedals.
  • DRIVERS - must be 18 years or older and have a valid  driving licence
  • PASSENGERS – should be minimum 16 years old

Car, drivers and/or passengers not complying with the above will be refused access to the track or even the site of the circuit


  • GLOVES - Full fingered gloves that leave NO EXPOSED skin on the hands or wrists.
  • SLEEVES - wear a shirt or jacket with long sleeves. In case of a crash, exploding airbags might leave skin wounds on uncovered arms and legs.  
  • RACE SUIT - if you  are a frequent track day driver, consider offering yourself a race suit and race shoes: they are very comfortable and they offer better protection


  • TYRES - the tyres are probably the most important factor influencing the way your car behaves on the track (as on the normal road!). Please make sure your tyres are in good shape (profile for non-slick tyres) and capable of lasting the whole track day. Pressure of tires: bear in mind that after a few  rounds the temperature and so the pressure of your tyres will rise substantially, so lower your tire pressure before entering the track PLUS give your tyres the time to warm up and arch uptime pressure. Curbstone's technical assistance can help you with  this.
  • BRAKES - going fast on the track is one thing, braking in time and adequately is even more important. Make sure the quality of your brakes - discs and pads - is  good. . During the track day, Curbstone's technical assistance can help you check your brake pads and possibly  replace them, if you brought spare  ones.
  • ENGINE - enter the circuit with your engine in good condition. Make sure your oil levels, cooling liquids are sufficient enough for the whole track day. Do not spill oil on the circuit!
  • WINDOWS and WIPERS - have your car and windows clean before the track day starts (so you can see where you are going) and make sure your wipers are of good quality + check your wipers’ fluid container.