Ontdek Lédenon

Lédenon is a small village located north of Nîmes, near the A9 motorway.

Counting only on his own money, Jean-Claude and Sylvie Bondurand, motorsport enthusiasts, decided in 1970 to build the Lédenon Circuit.

It then passed three years during which the spouses never despair despite the pitfalls that stand in their way. However the result was there, and it is precisely Saturday, June 16, 1973 that the Circuit of Lédenon was approved for the first time.

Entered for the first time by thirty Matra Bagheera and many other vintage vehicles, the Circuit de Lédenon made its entry into the history of motorsport.

In 1977, it is the beginning of the important races like the Production, quickly transformed into Supertourism. The Renault formula also arrives in 77.

The Circuit de Lédenon, today, has established itself as the hilly, the most winding and the most technical circuit of France. Indeed, Lédenon is not a circuit of any rest because it requires close to 38 changes of speed. It is also the only circuit that turns counterclockwise.

Circuit de Lédenon
30210 Lédenon Gard
T: +33466371137
W: https://www.ledenon.com