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Automotodrom brno, a.s. - Brno Circuit

The Masaryk Ring’s tradition stretches back as far as 1930, when an open-air track was constructed running along the main roads on the outskirts of a growing Brno. Since 1965 the Masaryk Ring has been the traditional host of the most prestigious motorcycle championship in the world – the Road Bike Grand Prix. The current Masaryk Ring dates from the years 1985-1987 and is a top-class racing circuit meeting the strictest criteria for hosting pestigious world motorbike races.

The track features many slow to midspeed corners with varius radius, and demands a setup that's well balanced at those speeds, but still able to navigate the very fast sweeping first turn. Exit speed is key, as almost all corners lead to a potential overtaking possibility.

Automotodrom Brno hosts several world championships – most importantly the World Road Bike Championship (MotoGP) and the World Superbike Championship. The Masaryk Ring is regularly written into the calendar of the International Championship of the Czech Republic for automobile circuit competitions as well as the motorbike championship. The company regularly hosts special ocassions for the public – circuit open days, in-line skating, cycling, public trackdays for cars and motorbikes and a course for safe motorbike riding at the motorbike driving school.


Automotodrom Brno, a.s.
Masarykův okruh 201
664 81 Ostrovačice
Czech Republic
T: +420 (0)5 762345
W: www.automotodrombrno.cz/en/

49° 13' 9'' N 16° 26' 23'' E