Stand 21, official Curbstone event partner

As a Racewear manufacturer, Stand 21 addresses the needs of all racers, from vintage to top-flight racing, in every auto-racing category, for the ones willing to seek the best protection against not only fire or impacts, but the intense heat-stress generated inside hot cockpits. Stand 21 works in tight collaboration with the most knowledgeable medical doctors and safety experts in the world through its “Racing Goes Safer” Foundation.

Stand 21 was established in Dijon-France in 1970 by Yves Morizot. Yves’s vision made Stand 21 the world leader in head to toe, made-to-measure racing gear. The secret of Stand 21's success is due to Yves Morizot’s business model that applied the following strategy: Identify a true need, then Stand 21's in house R&D Department will conceive and develop products that will fill these needs.
With 150 employees worldwide, Stand 21 products are hand crafted within Stand 21’s own factories, exceeding the most rigorous safety and medical standards required by the FIA, SFI, the Snell foundation etc.
Stand 21 offers its products to race car drivers through its exclusive Stand 21 network.
This strategy, based on high business ethics delivers Stand 21 products in over 50 countries. That is why Stand 21 supplies safety equipment to top racing teams in FIA, NHRA, NASCAR, OFF ROAD, and more.
From its introduction and as per the choice of the HANS® device's inventors Robert Hubard and Jim Downing, Stand 21 has been one of two licensees and manufactures and distributes its own exclusive HANS® product line worldwide except in North America + Mexico.

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