Curbstone present the Curbstone GT Tours: roadbook rallies and trips for true road drivers. Following the success of the inaugural 2019 edition, we plan to organise different and unique GT Tours in 2020 and 2021.

During these GT Tours, you will get the best of high speed on ice in the Swedish Lapland or we will take you to places and landmarks where some of the most famous chapters in motorsport history were written. There will be objects of artistic beauty to admire and we will even give you a taste of the real Art de Vivre along the way.

Each of the GT Tours will last from one to four days, and is reserved for GT and sports cars, together with the finest of luxury automobiles in the world. To guarantee a joyful and pleasant experience for each participant, the number of cars will be limited.


  Date  Non-Member Member 
GT REVIVAL TOUR Su 14 June 20 *400,00 € *350,00 €
ROAD TO SPA – FAMILY EDITION  Su 5 - Mo 6 July 20 2.099,00 € 1.999,00 €
ROAD TO ZURICH We 19 - Su 23 August 20 soon soon
ROAD TO PARIS  Th 10 - Sa 12 September 20 3.199,00 € 3.099,00 €
ROAD TO TOTAL 24H OF SPA Fr 23 -  Sa 24 October 20 1.099,00 € 999,00 €
ROAD TO EIFEL  Fr 27 - Su 29 November 20 2.099,00 € 1.999,00 €
CURBSTONE GOES LAPLAND   Th 28 - Su 31 January 21  soon   soon 
CURBSTONE GOES LAPLAND   Mo 1 - Th 4 February 21  soon   soon 
CURBSTONE GOES LAPLAND  We 3 -  Fr 5 February 21  soon   soon 

All prices exclude VAT and are subject to event location and costumer VAT liability.

*The price include VAT.


We want to give our customers the opportunity to join our events in the best possible way and we will do our best to ensure they can. We will reserve the right to cancel your participation only in the case that the event and its organization are affected by extra security measures against Covid-19 implemented by the local authorities, including restrictions, bans, border closures, or similar. In this case, you’ll be contacted as soon as possible. If the event iscancelled, your booking fee will be fully refunded, or alternatively we can offer you other potential dates or venues. Please note that, under any circumstances, Curbstone will not be obliged to offer any additional reimbursement for any possible losses that are not related to the event booking fee.


At Curbstone, we believe it’s our responsibility to remain prepared and resilient. The upcoming GT Tours will have additional precautionary measures to ensure the safety, well-being, and health of our teams and costumers.



Info & reservation: -  BE:+32(0) 2 287 09 85 / FR: +33 6 58 78 12 31