ETS Racing Fuels, official Curbstone event partner

ETS Racing Fuels is the racing dedicated brand of the HCS Group, who is an international leading supplier of high-value hydrocarbon specialty solutions.

History of ETS Racing Fuels started in 1992, as an official fuel supplier with the Peugeot 905 program at the mythical 24 hours of Le Mans endurance race under the brand name Esso, as ETS stood for Esso Technology & Service.

Since becoming independent in 1997, ETS Racing Fuels took the opportunity to bring its skills to other motorsport racing disciplines and opened up to new clients.

ETS Racing Fuels is well known for developing very high performance racing fuels with high added value, however to be able to satisfy not only very high profile teams but also to content a wider audience its products portfolio has been enriched with more affordable fuels such like the IRF 102 fuel provided on each Curbstone event. 

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