APEX Training

In 2020, Curbstone's APEX Training sessions at Spa-Francorchamps have been created for any driver aiming to improve his or her driving style. Both the beginner track day driver who wants to learn how to tackle some of Europe’s most legendary racing corners and the experienced gentleman or lady driver wanting to gain a few tenths of a second by hitting the perfect apex are welcome.

Under the supervision of Europe’s best coaches, the Curbstone Coach team, you will learn to improve all aspects of your driving technique, especially high-speed braking and smooth but fast driving.


Each APEX session starts with a theory lesson, as well as some information on ideal tyre pressure and management. As safety is paramount at every Curbstone event, this will be followed by a short safety briefing.

The APEX training session, held on a racetrack which is kept completely private, continues with an open pit lane format, during which the coaches will help you to improve on every lap by guiding you through the corners and providing radio feedback on braking and steering points. This will ultimately allow you to hit the perfect apex!

Two formats are available: a 4-hour evening training session (starting at 16:00) or the new-for-2020 Bootcamp at Spa-Francorchamps, an extended one-day training programme.


  Date Noise Limit Circuit Time
Session 1 Monday 22 June 95 dB Spa-Francorchamps 16h00 - 20h00
Session 2 Monday 19 October 103/107 dB (A) Spa-Francorchamps 09h00 - 18h00

Get in touch via info@curbstone.net

All prices incl. V.A.T. 0/6/12/21%
Info & reservation: info(at)curbstone.net -  BE:+32(0) 2 287 09 85 / FR: +33 6 58 78 12 31