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10 Sep Nordschleife TBC

Curbstone will be your host in Nordschleife, on Wednesday 10 September 2019. We rent the circuit, we organize the event, a guarantee for the best TRACK DAY you can have!

  • Track and Test Day hosted & organised by Curbstone Track Events
  • 98 dB noise limit
  • Pirelli Motorsport Tyre service
  • ETS Racing Fuels service
  • Stand 21 race wear service
  • Coaches available to book per day
  • Picture service free of charge
  • Time keeping service
  • V.I.P. Hospitality Package (breakfast, open bar, lunch, champagne cocktail) all included

ATTENTION: the date of this Track Day might be subject to variations. 


This Test Day is part of the #ROADtoSPA offer. At Curbstone A we will take you on an exciting journey across Europe’s leading F1 and GT/LMP circuits for an intense racing experience you will never forget. Do not miss this unique opportunity to travel all over the continent with us, ending an amazing Track and Test Day season at Spa-Francorchamps in September. Get in touch with us to have a quote for your tailored Track and Test Day programme.


In order to guarantee a smooth reservation process, we warmly recommend our customers to enter their booking via our online platform MYCURBSTONE.

All participants must be registered in advance to access to the event as DRIVERS, GUESTS/PASSENGERS, or MECHANICS/STAFF. At the moment of the registration at site you will receive an identification bracelet that will allow you to access the track facilities.



Tel: +32 (0)2 287 09 85



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All prices incl. VAT 0/6/12/21%


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GT-SPORT sessions

Participants: avg. 40 cars (+ 5 Curbstone Members)

Allowed cars to enter:

·       GT cars street-legal, GT race cars

·       Overtaking left or right allowed, slower cars must stay on ideal line

·       Overtaking in the corners is forbidden