BMW M3 F80

  • Description

    2015 BMW M3 F80
    Color: Mineralgrau
    Mileage: 38.000km
    Power: 567whp on pump gas, 602whp on E30

    Bootmod3 license with custom flat curve mappings for pump fuel and E30
    M4 GTS software for ABS
    M4 GTS software for differential
    M4 GTS software for gearbox
    M4 GTS software for steering

    Complete Akrapovic exhaust line with downpipes
    BMS OBD2 valve controller
    Pureturbos stage 2
    FTP aluminum charge pipes
    Fuel it Ethanol fuel line + sensor for displaying Ethanol mixture %
    CSF top mount charge air cooler
    CSF front mount heat exchanger race spec
    BMS air intake
    DCT transmission cooler

    Bilstein clubsport suspension
    H&R swaybars
    Uniballs front control arms
    Uniballs rear upper links
    Uniballs rear camber arms
    Uniballs toe arms adjustable
    Uniballs trailing arms adjustable
    Powerflex differential bushings
    Tow strap front/rear
    BHT custom alignment and corner balance
    M-Performance brakes
    Pagids RS29 brake pads
    Goodridge steel brake lines
    Custom brake pedal
    Liteblox battery with custom battery charger through fuel cap compartment

    Sparco racing seats
    Recaro seat rails
    BHT custom seat mount brackets
    Schroth flexi 2x2 6-point harness
    Custom carbon fibre door panels
    Carbon gear shifters
    Dasboard including carbon fibre interior trims
    M-performance steering wheel
    Clubsport rollcage
    Fully stripped interior
    Stripped wiring harness
    Longacre wide angle mirror
    Built in Blackvue dashcam front/rear
    Vbox Sport

    Carbon M4 GTS front spoiler (2 pieces) with custom paint
    Trunk lid with carbon M4 GTS rear spoiler with custom paint

    Carbon side vents
    Carbon M-performance diffuser
    Carbon canards
    Carbon M4 GTS hood
    M-performance side fenders with custom paint

    Apex EC-7 18" wheels with custom paint
    1 x set of Pirelli Pzero Trofeo in good condition
    BMW M437 19" wheels with custom paint
    2 x set of Michelin P2E full wet race tires (NEW)

    Spark plugs replacement on 28.000km
    Gintani crank hub fix on 34.618km
    Bushings replacement on 34.618km
    Timing chain replacement on 34.618km
    Oil pump chain replacement on 34.618km
    Oil change on 34.618km
    External air filter placement on 34.6187km

  • Make
  • Type
  • Model
    BMW M3 F80
  • Year of manufacture
  • Horsepower
    567whp on pump gas, 602whp on E30
  • Price
    € 89.000,00
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